Jul 06

Double exhibition launch at Grundy Art Gallery

Two new exhibitions will open at the Grundy Art Gallery this weekend.

An Architecture of Joy’ by Jenny Steele and part two of Louise Giovanelli’s ‘From Here to Here’ exhibit will run in the gallery from 2 July to 13 August.

An Architecture of Joy’ is a new piece of work by Jenny Steele showing in the Rotunda Gallery which looks into pieces of architecture from the inter-war years.

During the 1930s and following the First World War, a drive for people to visit seaside resorts like Blackpool led to a ‘Seaside Moderne’ period of architecture and buildings such as the Pleasure Beach casino and Midland Hotel in Morecambe being constructed.

During 2015, Jenny Steele researched into existing examples of Seaside Moderne architecture in the North West of England and Scotland by site visits, researching related documents and drawings in the RIBA and V&A archives, and conversations with local historians and inhabitants. The research allowed the artist to collate the collection of interior design and furniture which she has used to that makes up the exhibition.


‘From Here to Here’ exhibit by Louise Giovanelli

A second exhibit, ‘From Here to Here’ by Louise Giovanelli will also run until 13 August in the side gallery and is the second part of her exhibit earlier in the year.

Back in May, Giovanelli displayed a number of items from the Grundy’s permanent collection of artworks. The artist has then reworked new versions of these paintings, adapting them to her style – taking details out or adding new ones and putting the subjects of each painting in different historical settings and backdrops.

Both exhibitions will run at the same time as the main exhibition by Turner Prize winner Mark Leckey. This Kolossal Kat, That Massive MOG will also run until 13 August.

Cllr Vikki Singleton, Lead Member for Arts at Blackpool Council, said: “The Grundy is absolutely packed with top class artistic talent at the moment and it is the perfect time to come along and see all of the exhibitions on display.

“As well as hosting a Turner Prize winner in Mark Leckey, we are also supporting young and upcoming artists like Louise Giovanelli and fresh new displays from Jenny Steele.

“There really is something for everybody in the gallery at the moment and I’d encourage families to come along and see them for themselves.”

Admission to all exhibitions is free, although donations to support the gallery are welcome.

The gallery is open five days a week between Tuesday and Saturday from 10am to 5pm.