Jan 31

Freephone Numbers benefit Liverpool


FREEPHONE numbers are being implemented by Liverpool City Council for calls to the Revenues and Benefits Service.

The new system is being introduced from Monday 3 February and covers enquiries for issues including housing benefit, council tax support, free school meals and benefits maximization advice.

The numbers and the services they will be used for are:

0800 028 3686         Council tax, community charge, business rates, corporate debt, overpayment of housing benefit, Business Improvement District

0800 028 3697         Benefits, free school meals and Benefits maximization Service

0800 121 8805         Benefits Fraud Hotline

0800 456 1523         Liverpool Citizen Support Scheme

0800 028 3707         Fairer Charging and Direct Payments for adult social care

Mayor Joe Anderson said: “All the evidence we have is showing that the poorest people in our city are suffering as a result of the welfare reforms and the austerity measures.

“It is absolutely vital that we do all we can to support those who are being affected by making it as easy as possible to get in touch with the council. We want people to get in touch if they need advice over benefits, or are having problems paying their council tax.”

“We don’t want people not getting in touch with us because they are worried about the cost of making a call.

“This is part of the council’s commitment to helping those who are most in need, which has also included setting up the Tackling Poverty Action Group, supporting food banks through the Mayor’s Hope Fund and giving £1 million to credit unions to try to stop people turning to loan sharks.”

The council’s letters, bills and website are being updated with the new information on.

People telephoning the freephone numbers from mobile networks will get an automated message informing them they may be charged for the call and be given the option to dial a landline number if they prefer.

All the existing numbers will remain in use for three months.

Additional staff are also being employed by the Benefits maximization team to help people affected by welfare reforms.

The Revenues and Benefits Service is delivered by Liverpool Direct Limited, a joint venture between Liverpool City Council and BT.