Nov 13

Stand out and stay safe on the roads this winter

Wearing the right clothing could help save your life on the roads this winter.

That’s the message from road safety experts at Blackpool Council this month after the clocks went back and the nights get longer.

Campaigners say the number of people injured on the roads always increases at this time of year. For example, last year collisions went up from by more than 10 per cent (from 61 to 71) in September.

As a result, campaigners have stressed that, particularly for cyclists and pedestrians, wearing an item of bright clothing could help avoid accidents and even save lives.

Cllr John Jones, Blackpool Council’s cabinet member for highways and transport, said: “The darker nights can take some getting used to for pedestrians and drivers alike and our road safety team have a few key messages that they want to stress.

“Firstly, by only wearing black or dark clothing you are putting yourself at risk.

“Pedestrians and cyclists can help themselves to be seen on the roads by wearing white or reflective clothing at night and bright or fluorescent clothing in the daytime.

Drivers should also be aware of the change in conditions; ensuring they look twice for cyclists and are extra cautious around schools or in built up areas where children may be playing.

“The correct use of lights and not waiting until it is fully dark to turn them on is also vital as the nights draw in.”

The warning comes as Blackpool Council launches their annual winter gritting drive “Operation Snowdrop” gets underway.

Officers are now on standby to hit the streets overnight and help keep Blackpool’s roads safe and are monitoring winter weather on an hour-by-hour basis.

Posters for this year’s “Be Safe, Be Seen” campaign are now going up around the town to remind all road users about ensuring they stand out.

Road safety officers will also be touring primary and secondary schools in the coming weeks to encourage children to get the message.