Mar 18

World Social Work Day held in Liverpool

SENIOR managers met with social workers in Liverpool to mark World Social Work day to celebrate the invaluable contribution they make to local communities.

Liverpool City Council has social workers in both adults’ and children’s services and also in its contact centre, Careline.

Bernie Brown, Assistant Director in Children’s Services, said: “We welcome the opportunity to publicly say thank you to our social workers, residential social workers, family support workers and support staff who deliver social work to families in Liverpool.

World Social Work Day Liverpool

Director of Children’s Services Colette O’Brien and Assistant Director Bernie Brown (front centre) with some of Liverpool’s 190 children’s social workers, who support around 970 young people in care

“Their dedication to delivering better outcomes for young people and families is second to none. Every day they are making a positive different to people’s lives in the face of extremely challenging circumstances. This is a day to recognise their invaluable work and it was great to thank them in person.”

Director of Adult Services and Health, Samih Kalakeche, added: “We’re always grateful for the work that our social workers do in working with the city’s most vulnerable adults to ensure that they have the right support to live as independently as they can.

“World Social Work Day lets us shine a well-deserved spotlight on this group of colleagues and to remind every one of their skills and how vital they are to our communities and say thank you for their expertise and commitment.”