Nov 07

Leanconf Start Up Conference, Manchester, 17 – 18 Nov


Leanconf is a grass roots, community run, not-for-profit conference and is one of only two Lean Start UP conferences on the planet.

Join 300+ passionate people for 20 great lessons and 1 amazing networking event at the comedy store in Manchester.

Learn how to:

  • Innovate like a start up
  • Get a competitive advantage
  • Reduce the chance your start up will fail

Leanconf is for two types of people:

  • Entrepreneurs, start up founders or just people with ideas that want to test concepts without wasting time and money thereby reducing risk and increasing chances of success.
  • People working in organisations who want to learn how to innovate like a start up and launch internal projects more quickly and successfully thereby gaining competitive advantage.
  • This can all be achieved by using Lean Start Up techniques.

Speakers include:

  • Ash Maurya, author of Running Lean
  • Janice Fraser, Pivotal Labs Luxr
  • Barry O’Reilly, co-author of Lean Enterprise
  • Grace Ng, co-founder QuickMPV and Lean Start UP Machine

For full event details go to the Leanconf website