Sep 26

Open labs provide free access to services for businesses

How can Open Labs help you and your business?

We offer tailored events enabling businesses to develop their skills, grow, use new and innovative technology and expand into new markets.

Before we go any further let’s be clear, this isn’t going to cost anything, it isn’t about data capture nor is it about making ourselves look good. Open Labs is funded by Liverpool John Moores University and ERDF. We are a brokerage service for businesses across Liverpool city-region helping them to access the knowledge, skills, innovation, expertise and facilities available at LJMU.

open labs ljmu

Liverpool John Moores University

We think this levels the playing field. It helps businesses access more, making them more successful, making Liverpool a more diverse, interesting and ambitious place to work. This is, we think, a good thing.

This might be something you and your business is interested in. We’ve already done a lot of one to ones from market briefings and access, for example how to expand into the NHS or access creative talent and expertise. We’ve explored the use of digital tools to develop a business like using laser cutting or 3D printing, a hands on workshop with drones and the use of big data. We’ve also helped businesses on improving their process like pitching better for work, making better presentations or developing agile methodologies.

The resources we can offer are;

  • A meeting and desk space at Liverpool Science Park helping you to connect in Liverpool city centre
  • Introductions to academic colleagues across a range of sectors including; Digital Health, Unmanned Aerial Systems and Smart Sensors
  • Connections into a wider knowledge base e.g., health organisations, third sector, creative and digital firms, specialist organisations
  • A mapping and strategic overview enabling you to identify which of our contacts can make a difference to your company and which sectors to target
  • Knowledge sharing on accessing funding

So our question is twofold; Does this sound like something you would be interested in? What specific tailored sessions do you think you would want to explore?

If yes, the best person to contact would be

Jason Taylor

Open Labs @ LJMU

IC1, Liverpool Science Park : 131 Mount Pleasant : Liverpool : L3 5TF

M: 07929 999 320 : [email protected] : www.ljmu.ac.uk/aps/openlabs