Jul 25

Lakeland Centre launch Europe’s first indoor Via Ferrata

The Lakeland Climbing Centre is set to open Europe’s first indoor Via Ferrata at their Kendal Wall site on Wednesday, 23rd July.

Via Ferrata, meaning, “iron way” originated in the Italian Dolomites to make the steep rocky terrain passable by using a series of iron rungs, ladders and bridges.  Via Ferrata’s have grown in popularity recently with the increase in climbing tourism as they allow people to experience the thrill of climbing huge cliffs, without the need for a great deal of technical knowledge or equipment.

The new course at Kendal Wall has been specially designed to give thrill seekers the opportunity to explore and pit themselves against a testing route. A route, which contains a twisting vertical tunnel, challenging main climbing walls, balance traverses and a serious swing across a blank slab!

The course finishes with one last flourish – the ‘Jump of Doom’, where climbers perch on a small platform on the edge of a 20-metre drop before making a leap of faith into the void below…

For those who dare give it a go, the centre has all the Via Ferrata equipment needed and all climbers are fully trained with initial practice challenges on ladders and rock features. The course is suitable for adults and children aged 10 years and over, sessions last 60 to 90 minutes. Details of pricing and availability can be found by visiting: www.kendalwall.co.uk

The continued development of The Lakeland Climbing Centre, has allowed the centre to become one of the biggest indoor adventure centres in the country.  Boasting the tallest climbing walls, together with the newly opened Kendal CrazyClimb facility, the Centre offers a huge array of both fun and serious climbing activities.

The Via Ferrata Manager, Stephanie Kerek, said: “In the words of JFK, ‘we chose to do this not because it is easy but because it is hard.’  However, we think this adventure will be a highly memorable experience for all who dare try it.’’

lakeland climbing wall kendal cumbria

Jeremy Wilson, Lakeland Climbing Centre Chairman, said: “We are very proud with what we are achieving in Kendal. This Centre is special on a national scale.  Happy customers are our oxygen and seeing the delighted faces of children and adults alike make all the hard work and investment worthwhile.  Our staff numbers continue to grow and it’s down to their commitment that our success is possible.”

Richard Greenwood, Cumbria Tourism’s Head of Operations, commented: ‘’The all new Via Ferrata experience at The Lakeland Climbing Centre is the first of its type in Europe. The Centre has a long history of innovation and the new indoor Via Ferrata is a great all-weather attraction for our visitors to enjoy. Which will no doubt appeal to both new and existing audiences, encouraging them to come and try something new in the UK’s Adventure Capital, Lake District, Cumbria.’’

For more information on Via Ferrata, Kendal CrazyClimb and other climbing activities at the Lakeland Climbing Centre, please see www.kendalwall.co.uk  or email [email protected]

To find out more about the Lake District, Cumbria visit: www.golakes.co.uk